Writing in the Dark,, an apt metaphor for anyone who has ever tried to tap out words on a  backlit screen.  This book, a collection of essays gathered by Max van Manen, shows how "different kinds of human experience may be explored, the methods for investigating phenomena contributing to human experience…the process of inquiry, reflection and writing…a valuable and rich resource".   That is to say, writing is an attempt to reflect what goes on inside us.  Inside us is where "story" occurs.Scott Popjes maintains a busy schedule, writing, producing and editing major theatrical trailers, promos and EPK's and developing and producing TV series and films, such as "The Remarkably 20th Century" and "The Long Ride Home".  Born and raised in suburban New Jersey, this everyman director/editor loves making movies.Ernest Hemingway - The man who ran with the bulls.  His literary sparseness and compression, well-worn and well-earned, captured the attention of critics and public in a volatile age.  In 1952, he received the Pulitzer for The Old Man and the Sea.   In 1954, he received the Nobel Prize for his "powerful style-making mastery of the modern art of narration."  He wrote from life.  Until his life subdued and rescued him.Will Shakespeare - Aka "The bard".  Arguably the best English writer to ever glide pen to page, populist hero as well as aristocratic raconteur, though we wish he had used all women instead of all men to populate his plays.  (Not a prejudice, just a fact.)   His sonnets remain divine.  Rare is the writer who can scribble successfully in one genre, let alone two.  Some postulate this poet and playwright was, in fact, more than one man…or woman.  What would he have done with film, we wonder?Though he produced fewer than 40 paintings, Dutch painter Jan Vermeer is one of the most respected artists of the European tradition. He is known for his serene, luminous interiors populated by one or two figures. Vermeer grew up in Delft, Holland, joined the painters' guild in 1653, and worked as an art dealer to support his wife and 11 children.  In 1672, war with France ruined Holland’s economy and Vermeer's business failed.  Soon after, he died of a stroke at age 42, leaving his family bankrupt.  Vermeer's paintings were largely forgotten for nearly 200 years, until 1858 when a French critic began to write admiringly about his work.  Interest in Vermeer surged again recently with his work exhibited at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  Contemporary writers have also been inspired by him, including Tracy Chevalier whose novel Girl with a Pearl Earring imagines the life of the girl in Vermeer's painting of the same name. L.Ron Hubbard - Whatever you may think of his other worldly beliefs, the full body of L. Ron Hubbard's work includes more than 5,000 writings and 3,000 tape-recorded lectures, spanning five, highly productive decades.  A humanitarian and adventurer, he  believes, "There are only two tests of a life well lived: Did one do as one intended? And were people glad one lived?"  We add, "And can one write about it, anyhow?"Johannes Vermeer's "Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid" records a prior chivalrous age where class decorum reigned.  (Oh, well, you can't have everything.)   One of the most talented painters in the Dutch Golden Age, that's the 1600's, Vermeer's work was forgotten for centuries.  The most brilliant artists of any century are probably never discovered, their paintings hidden till ruin, their pages dropping to dust in unfound attics.  We find this oddly comforting.  No martyr of time, this particular masterpiece hangs in the National Gallery of Ireland.  Definitely worth a gaze.Jules Verne - Ode to childhood and the player within us.  Verne was born, aptly, in Nates, France in 1828.  He promptly ran off to become cabin boy on a merchant ship but was caught and sent back to his parents.  Thus constrained, his imagination wandered.  He wrote story after story, became very rich, bought a yacht and resumed his initial intent - to sail around the world.  Or Europe anyhow.   Our favorite remains Twenty Thousand Leagues.
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First-Place Winner, November 2013 - April 2014
Screenplay Contest - Teleplay/Short Series


Written by Nancy Paton

Nancy Paton


Nancy Paton is the founder of PATON productions. Nancy’s passion for film was developed and nurtured in her early years at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and since graduating from the University of Sydney in 2006 she has worked extensively in the independent film business. Moving to New York City, studying at The Atlantic Acting School and working at Michael Mailer Films, allowed her to develop as a writer, producer and director. Prior to forming PATON productions, Nancy worked as an actor, script reader, script editor, and producer on numerous projects. Her true passion was always to write and direct, therefore whilst working part time in the EB Department at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Nancy wrote "Daisy" with the intent on this film being her directing debut.

Additional Writer Information:
Twitter: @patonproduction


A fragile flower mends a broken soul.


"Daisy" depicts the last days of a twelve-year-old girl, who suffers from severe RECESSIVE DYSTROPHIC EPIDERMOLYSIS BULLOSA (RDEB) and by a chance meets Stinky, who suffers from DRUG ADDICTION. Daisy inspires Stinky to change his ways, and helps him to experience something that she will never be able to: life. As the credits run, we are left wondering what such a powerful little girl could have done with a lifetime of days.


The Daisy screenplay, copyright, and story idea below are owned by Nancy Paton. No copying of any of the below pages is allowed unless approved by owner.



A females hand throws a long dirty bandage into a bin filled
with dirty bandages and dressings. This is next to a sharps
bin filled with syringes.

Cupboard door opens. The cupboard is filled with medications
such as morphine, antibiotics etc. You name it it's in there.
A mans hand takes out a bunch of different medications.

A pair of female hands are cutting dressing into precise
sizes and piling them up. Preparing them for use.

A pair of male hands are making up the correct measurement
for the liquid medications, and preparing it into a cocktail of substances.

A pair of female hands are rolling up a bandage around an arm
that is completely skinless.

Syringe filled with the cocktail of drugs is injecting into
the drip by the pair of male hands.

Liquid slowly flows through the drip into a girls arm.

DAISY a fragile 12 year old girl, who would pass more for an
8 year old, is lying in her hospital type bed. Half of her
body is covered in bandages whilst the other half is exposed
and has blisters all over from to having any skin. The
bedroom is clearly a room of a 12 year old. There are toys,
posters of Justin Beaver and other famous hunks and famous
couples of today. Many photos of Princess Kate and Prince
William. Lots of pinks around the room however the medical
equipment around the room takes precedent.

Daisy’s MUM (35) takes the two dirt bags filled with syringes
and bandages out of the room, whilst her DAD (40) is left to
tidy up the cupboard.

Cupboard door shuts.


Coin drop into a plastic cup which is placed between a pair
of feet in dirty sneakers.

STINKY (32), a harmless homeless junky, is sitting against a
wall in front of the main entrance to Great Ormond Street
Children's Hospital. His face, hands and cloths haven't been
washed for weeks and he is dozing in and out of consciousness
however is waking up slowly.

A FEMALE DOCTOR (50) walks up to Stinky. She has a
stethoscope around her neck, is holding a briefcase in one
hand and brown paper bag in the other. She bends down to

           FEMALE DOCTOR
Morning Stinky.
      (Hands him the brown paper
Brought you breakfast.

Thanks Doc.

           FEMALE DOCTOR
You stay out of trouble now.

Sure will.

The female doctor walks off and through the hospital main
entrance doors.

Stinky opens the bag, gets out a sandwich and gulps it down
like it's the first bit of food he's had in weeks. He licks
his fingers clean whilst observing all the different types of
people walking in and out of the hospital.

A couple of sick boy drop coins in his cup.

           STINKY (CONT’D)

Stinky acknowledges a boy with a smile and starts to fix
himself up.

A black Mercedes pulls up on the road.

Stinky grabs his cup and runs to the car.


Stinky opens the back door and stumbles into the car.
Slamming the door behind him. The car drives off quickly.


A bold MIDDLE EASTERN MAN (35) is driving, whilst an INDIAN
WOMAN (26) in the passenger seat hands STINKY a small piece
of aluminum.

Morning Stinky. Where you wanna be
dropped off?

Stinky puts the aluminum in his pocket and hands the woman

I'll stay around here today.

How's this then?


           INDIAN WOMAN
See you later.

Stinky gets out of the car and shuts the door. The car drives


Stinky stumbles into the alleyway he's been dropped off at
and hides himself behind a big blue dumpster where another
JUNKIE (26) is sleeping. Junkie wakes up.

You got gear?


With the cardboard boxes that are scattered around, the
junkie turns them into a shield around them and the dumpster.

Stinky takes out of his pockets, one at a time; a rubber
band, a syringe, a needle and prepares to shoot up.

He opens the aluminum with gear in it, rolls up his sleeve,
ties the rubber band around his arm and pulls it tight.

He finds his vain by tapping on it.

Needle goes into Stinky's vain.

Blood mixes with the liquid and then empties out of the
syringe into Stinky’s arm. Everything that Stinky is holding
falls out of his hands and onto the ground.

Stinky's eyes roll back into his head.


Daisy’s eyes roll into the back into her head.

Daisy's parents are frantic.

Daisy?Daisy? Daisy can you hear me
Daisy? Oh please god not now.
Daisy, I'm here please say
something to me.

The ambulance is on it’s way.

Daisy's dad uncovers the sheet that covers Daisy.

Daisy is now completely bandaged from head to toe. Her Dad
picks her up with help from mum who is crying. Walking out of
the room.

Daisy's blue eyes open.


Stinky's blue eyes open.

Stinky puts everything back into his pockets. The junkie is
passed out against the dumpster.

Stinky leaves and stumbles out of the alleyway.


Stinky nearly gets run over when crossing the road however
the car stops just in time.

Stinky touches the bonnet with a sigh of relief and then
looks at the driver with great sincerity and apology, quickly
getting out of the way.


Stinky finds a sunny spot in front of the emergency entrance.
He sits against the wall, puts his plastic cup in front of
him and closes his eyes directing them into sunlight. The
light gets brighter and warmer and the surrounding noises get
clearer. An ambulance siren gets louder and louder. The
ambulance breaks and doors open quickly.

Stinky opens his eyes due to the commotion that is going on
around him.

Doctors and Nurses have rushed out of the hospital towards
the ambulance.

Daisy is brought out of the ambulance on a stretcher with her
parents behind her. She is rushed into the hospital.

As Daisy passes Stinky, time slows down.

She lifts her head and right away you notice her blue eyes
and smile. Finally she lifts her bandaged hand to wave at

Stinky’s blue eyes are mesmerized by her and he lifts his hand
to wave back however Daisy is already through the automatic
hospital doors which have closed.

Stinky finishes his wave to nothing and freezes for a moment.

Coin drops into his cup.

Stinky quickly stands up, with the cup and puts the money
into his pocket. Stinky walks through the automatic hospital


Stinky waves to the two African receptionist who are
assisting a family. They smile back at him.


Stinky passes the hospital florist and waves at the CHINESE
LADY (40) behind the counter. She acknowledges him with a

A do not enter cleaning sign is in front of the boys toilets.
Stinky enters anyway.


A male janitor SAM (40) is cleaning one of the kids cubical.

Morning Sam.

It's afternoon.

Really?Already? Time flies.

Not in my world.

Stinky turns the water tap on. He gets a load of soap into
his hands and washes them and his face intensely.

           SAM (CONT’D)
     (Hands Stinky a few hand
Here you go.

Thanks. Just getting ready to see
my girl.


Stinky nodes, smiles as he is wiping himself down whilst
looking at Sam through the mirror.

           SAM (CONT’D)
She sure does know how to make a
man happy.

Guess I'll see you tomorrow.

Day off tomorrow. You stay out of

Yes sir.

Stinky exits. Sam flushes the toilet.

Toilet flushing.


A CASHIER (23) is scanning a drink for a patient when she
notices Stinky walk up besides her. Daisy's dad is at the
espresso machine next to the cashier getting coffees, he has
one full one in his hand however he is still waiting for the
second one.

Hey Stinky. Emma left you a plate
at the back however it's been
sitting there a while.

Great.She around?

Yeah, saw her back there a few
minutes ago. Hopefully you're in
      (To the patient.)
That will be £4.50.

Daisy's dad is stressed out, in a hurry and about to cry
because it is taking so long for the coffee to pour.

Coffee drop, drop, drop in extreme slow motion into the cup.

The second cup is half full when he can't take it any longer
and grabs it. With the two coffees in his hands he turns
around, nearly bumping into Stinky but apologetically misses
and gives a £5 note to the cashier for the two coffees. He
doesn’t wait for change but runs out of the canteen.

Wonder what he's got to get to?

You don't want to know. It’s really
all so heartbreaking here. I tell
you ever since I started working
here, I thank God every day that my
children are healthy.
      (Handing him the change.)
You probably need this more than
me. Now hurry to the back before my
manager sees you lurking around.

Stinky smiles, takes the change and walks off quickly to the
back of the canteen.


Stinky walks into the back kitchen and towards a table, where
there is a plate of food waiting for him with cutlery. He
sits down at the table and starts eating it with his hands.

EMMA (32) walks in. He notices her and quickly picks up the
cutlery and starts to use them. Emma seeing this has a little
smile to herself

Haven't seen you around for a
while. How are you?


You're in luck. Lots of left over's
from the rounds today so if you
want seconds let me know.

Thanks, but I think this will be
fine for me.

Well you enjoy that then, I'd love
to stay but I got to get this out
to the children. You promise not be
a stranger now?

Cross my heat and hope to die you
can stick a needle in my eye if I

Great see you around.

Emma pushes a trolly packed with food trays out of the
kitchen. Finishing his food, Stinky is smiling however
clearly embarrassed by the last thing he said to Emma.


Stinky walks out of the canteen and into the hallway looking
at the paintings. He pokes his head into a few rooms. He then
stops in front of a door. Peaking through the door he watches
a group of sick children dancing.


Stinky enters and leans on the back wall. He watches the
children sing along to 'for a spoon full of sugar helps the
medicine goes down'. Stinky smiling sings along quietly.

Emma walks in with the tray of food. Emma hands the trays out
one by one to the kids.

In awe of Emma, Stinky sneaks out of the room before she can
see him.


Stinky enters an empty elevator and presses a couple buttons
for the fun of it.

As the doors open on each floor he watches the patients walk
in and out of the elevator.

He exchanges funny faces with a girl with down syndrome and
then with a boy with cerebral palsy.

On the second floor Emma walk into the elevator however as it
is so packed and Stinky is at the back, she doesn't notice
him and turns around to face the doors at the front. Stinky
noticing her, fixes himself up, hoping he'll get to talk to
her, however she gets out on the next floor and with everyone
else. He is left in the lift alone and waits to get to the
top floor. Doors open.


Big sign on the wall in front of him Butterfly ward. He exits
and starts to wonder the ward.

He walks by the room where Daisy is sleeping and her mother
is watching over her. He stops and stands at her window,
watching her carefully in amazement.

A nurse SONIA (25) notices him and rushes over to him with
the intension to get him to leave the ward.

Sorry sir, you can't be in here.
It's strictly for patients and
their families only. I must ask you
kindly to leave.

The female doctor recognizes him as she walks out of another
room and walks up to Stinky and Sonia.

           FEMALE DOCTOR
It's OK. He's a friend.
Occasionally we let him wonder
around as long as he doesn't bother
anyone and stays out of trouble.
Right Stinky?

     (Makes the scouts honour
Right Doc. Not going to bother
anyone. I promise.

Sorry didn't realise you were tight
with the best Doctor ever. If she
say's you're OK, then you're OK.

Doc? Why's she bandaged like that?
Was she burnt?

           FEMALE DOCTOR
No, That's Daisy. She has
Epidermolysis Bullosa.
      (Stinky looks confused.)
She was born with skin as fragile
as butterfly wings. Over the years,
the chronic scarring and
inflammations have caused her to
develop skin cancer. The bandages
are there to protect her.

Why does she have so many tubes.

           FEMALE DOCTOR
Well she can't eat, so they're
providing her with the nutrition
she needs to survive. Stinky, Daisy
doesn't have long left so it's best
we don’t to disturb her.

The doctor leaves to do her ward round.

Stinky just stands there and watches Daisy. Emma approaches

Fancy seeing you here.

Em, oh...
      (Surprised, he blushes.)

Emma smiles and walks into Daisy's room. Stinky continues to
watch Daisy as Emma has a talk with Daisy's mum whilst
leaving her a tray of food to eat. Daisy's mum smiles at
Stinky. He smiles back. During this time Daisy wakes up and
hears everything Emma has been saying to her mother.

Stinky waves at Daisy and then turns to leave, not noticing
that she is awake.

As Stinky leaves, Daisy noticing he is leaving and calls out
to him faintly.

DAISY WAIT! WAIT! Come back. Come in!