Writing in the Dark,, an apt metaphor for anyone who has ever tried to tap out words on a  backlit screen.  This book, a collection of essays gathered by Max van Manen, shows how "different kinds of human experience may be explored, the methods for investigating phenomena contributing to human experience…the process of inquiry, reflection and writing…a valuable and rich resource".   That is to say, writing is an attempt to reflect what goes on inside us.  Inside us is where "story" occurs.Scott Popjes maintains a busy schedule, writing, producing and editing major theatrical trailers, promos and EPK's and developing and producing TV series and films, such as "The Remarkably 20th Century" and "The Long Ride Home".  Born and raised in suburban New Jersey, this everyman director/editor loves making movies.Ernest Hemingway - The man who ran with the bulls.  His literary sparseness and compression, well-worn and well-earned, captured the attention of critics and public in a volatile age.  In 1952, he received the Pulitzer for The Old Man and the Sea.   In 1954, he received the Nobel Prize for his "powerful style-making mastery of the modern art of narration."  He wrote from life.  Until his life subdued and rescued him.Will Shakespeare - Aka "The bard".  Arguably the best English writer to ever glide pen to page, populist hero as well as aristocratic raconteur, though we wish he had used all women instead of all men to populate his plays.  (Not a prejudice, just a fact.)   His sonnets remain divine.  Rare is the writer who can scribble successfully in one genre, let alone two.  Some postulate this poet and playwright was, in fact, more than one man…or woman.  What would he have done with film, we wonder?Though he produced fewer than 40 paintings, Dutch painter Jan Vermeer is one of the most respected artists of the European tradition. He is known for his serene, luminous interiors populated by one or two figures. Vermeer grew up in Delft, Holland, joined the painters' guild in 1653, and worked as an art dealer to support his wife and 11 children.  In 1672, war with France ruined Holland’s economy and Vermeer's business failed.  Soon after, he died of a stroke at age 42, leaving his family bankrupt.  Vermeer's paintings were largely forgotten for nearly 200 years, until 1858 when a French critic began to write admiringly about his work.  Interest in Vermeer surged again recently with his work exhibited at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  Contemporary writers have also been inspired by him, including Tracy Chevalier whose novel Girl with a Pearl Earring imagines the life of the girl in Vermeer's painting of the same name. L.Ron Hubbard - Whatever you may think of his other worldly beliefs, the full body of L. Ron Hubbard's work includes more than 5,000 writings and 3,000 tape-recorded lectures, spanning five, highly productive decades.  A humanitarian and adventurer, he  believes, "There are only two tests of a life well lived: Did one do as one intended? And were people glad one lived?"  We add, "And can one write about it, anyhow?"Johannes Vermeer's "Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid" records a prior chivalrous age where class decorum reigned.  (Oh, well, you can't have everything.)   One of the most talented painters in the Dutch Golden Age, that's the 1600's, Vermeer's work was forgotten for centuries.  The most brilliant artists of any century are probably never discovered, their paintings hidden till ruin, their pages dropping to dust in unfound attics.  We find this oddly comforting.  No martyr of time, this particular masterpiece hangs in the National Gallery of Ireland.  Definitely worth a gaze.Jules Verne - Ode to childhood and the player within us.  Verne was born, aptly, in Nates, France in 1828.  He promptly ran off to become cabin boy on a merchant ship but was caught and sent back to his parents.  Thus constrained, his imagination wandered.  He wrote story after story, became very rich, bought a yacht and resumed his initial intent - to sail around the world.  Or Europe anyhow.   Our favorite remains Twenty Thousand Leagues.
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The Writers Place Contest
Winner & Honorable Mention Loglines:

From Launching [2003] to Present

May – October 2014
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Maciej Rogala, maciej@rogala.pl– The Hyperbole – Making big money by speculating wildly will, in the ripple effect, destroy everyone. Furthermore, it always happens when least expected.

2nd Place: W. Reed Moran, Olas4me@aol.com– Acts of God – In the wake of a rural church-burning, two feuding brothers, haunted by the historic legacy and personal neglect of their martyred yet flawed father, learn to see him as human and come to renounce the pursuits of power and fame they thought essential to winning their father’s love and approval from the grave.

3rd Place: Ann Chamberlin, annchamberline@annchamberlin.com– Lisa and Sharon Get Married in Utah – A romantic comedy in which the grounded title characters just want to tie the knot, but whacky friends and family thwart them at every turn with other visions of what marriage should be.


1st Place: Debi Calabro, nysw@aol.com– Life in the Fast Lane – A character-based comedy that explores the fascinating and high-stakes world of horse racing, the people that the track draws in, and the inevitable conflicts that ensue from the giant personalities addicted to living life in the fast lane.

2nd Place: Roi J. Tamkin, roiboi@bellsouth.net– Garden of Errors – Adam has a bone to pick with God. Literally.

3rd Place: Margina Sisson, red.writer@rocketmail.com– I-16 – When Shelly’s car breaks down on the Interstate, a nice young man comes to her aid. However, when she discovers this same young man died twenty years earlier in that same spot, she becomes obsessed to solve the mystery surrounding his death, not realizing she is about to embark on an unimaginable journey.

November 2013 - April 2014
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Justin Chambers, justindc2006@yahoo.com – American Bred – In present day, Detroit, Michigan where the influence of organized crime has diminished; one of the lasting crime syndicates begins to unravel when lies, mystery and betrayal begin to devour the trust which holds them together.

2nd Place: Steven Prowse, steven_prowse@yahoo.com – The Concert – A group of kids try to prove their grandfathers’ innocence of the largest theft of artwork in history. Story inspired by true events.

3rd Place: Brandon Montgomery, Montgomery.brandon.j@gmail.com – The King’s Court – Stained with the king’s blood, a compassionate assassin’s loyalty is pitted against those closest to him as he maneuvers in the shadows to bring the true killer, the conniving price, to justice.


1st Place: Nancy Paton, nancy.paton@hotmail.com – Daisy – A fragile flower mends a broken soul.

2nd Place: Travis Neufeld, travis@filmcoup.com – The Tinwife – Mistaken for an android, a human woman is forced into an internment facility for unwanted robot wives.

3rd Place: William Parsons, williamparsons1969@gmail.com – Close Encounter – Sometimes there are some real potholes on the highway of life.

May - October 2013
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Thomas Jannetta, tpjannetta@aol.com – Maiden Flight – In 1932, two teen-age girls responded to the Great Depression by committing a bank robbery so clever in its execution and unique in its escape plan that police were left, literally, without a single clue as to the who and the how. The local newspaper headline: Cops Say Bandits Disappeared “Into Thin Air”.

2nd Place: David J. Schroeder, djschro@aol.com – Lost Cause – Pete Berger, medically retired explosive expert, fights a private war to salvage a lost nuclear bomb, while fighting Black-Ops terrorists off the coast of Florida.

3rd Place: Brian O’Neill, nybigbri@yahoo.com – Now In This Corner – A young, troubled New York City cab driver and former aspiring writer picks up an unconventional gay couple – a former drag queen and a retired professional wrestler – and winds up taking them on an unscheduled late night, drug-fueled detour to visit his long estranged brother in order to confront a dark, unresolved issue from their past.


1st Place: Benjamin Glassman, glassmotionfilms@gmail.com – Emily – Following the disappearance of a teenage girl, a boy begins a search for her that leads him and his friends down an extremely dark path. In the vein of ‘Brick’ and ‘Stand by me.’

2nd Place: James M. O’Donoahue, jimod@optonline.net – Judith – Judith was a lawyer who lost the trial for Kurt who was sentenced to death for murder. The plan was that Kurt breaks out of prison, Judith picks him up and takes him to her house. But Judith’s plan was two-fold: one way or another she would come out on top.

3rd Place: Scott E. Seagren, scottsea87@gmail.com – Dream – An astronaut undergoing a mental breakdown resulting from a traumatic accident in her past, struggles with coming to grips with her own mortality as her ship is pulled into the gravitational field of a massive supernova.

November 2012 – April 2013
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Carlton Witherell, witherellscreenplays@yahoo.com – SOLECKS – While St. Louis detective ChaytonSolecks investigates a series of gruesome slayings, he begins to suspect the killers may be people very close to him.

2nd Place: Jan HendrikVerstraten, janhendrik@blueyonder.co.uk – Computer Love – New York. The opportunity to work on Project Gemini is a dream come true for Aaron, an idealistic neuroscientist. This supercomputer is like no other. But will it create a new opportunity for humankind? The answer depends on who controls it...

3rd Place: ShiraZimbeck, z_shira64@hotmail.com – Mincemeat Manor– A disgraced inventor trying to contact his dead wife to apologize for waltzing her into a cattle pulverizer of his creation, unwittingly brings his house to life in his horror musical where the pets talk, the appliances attack, the blackboards write of their own accord, and the zombies sing and dance.

Honorable Mention: Lynda Lemberg, unite1999@hotmail.com& Jeffery Russel, jeffreyrussel@gmail.com, - GRACE – As a child bride grapples with the challenges of marriage, motherhood and personal tragedy, her quest for social justice compels her to join the struggle against the brutal evictions of Scottish tenant farmers, pitting her against tyrannical forces.


1st Place: Kate Wood, cgw214@nyu.edu – Divorced at 24 – Charlotte spent her whole life following a strict plan that she made for herself as a child, never stopping to think about what would actually make her happy. Then at 24-years old, she suddenly realizes that her life is completely off track, so she leaves her husband and starts over – without a plan.

2nd Place: John Harris, harris.john60@gmail.com – Bernie and Rebecca – The end of a blind date becomes a life-time experience. Rebecca is about to end her date with Bernie when she becomes intrigued at something he says. Their future life – dating, sex, marriage, children, affairs, divorce, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and death – flash before them. At the end of the night, Bernie must leave but Rebecca says, “Call me!”

3rd Place: Sundae Jahant-Osborn, wysiwygprod@compuserve.com – A Lying Shame – Sitcom pilot: when a white trash family inherits a house in snobby LA, they are forced into becoming the world’s best liars in order to fit in with the snobby Joneses. What could possibly good wrong?

Honorable Mention: Traneka Davis, traneka_d@hotmail.com& Nathan Arentoft, walruswest@gmail.com – Open Mic – Standup comedian, Mackenzie Scott, is new to the world of L.A. comedy. But as Mac soon learns, it doesn’t matter if you have a celeb to endorse you, or the lows you sink to for a break. At the end of the day, you still have to be funny.

May – October 2012
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Mandel E. Holland, mandel@delflix.com– A Gentleman’s Game – When chasing the American Dream, there are no rules.

2nd Place: Lee Lennon-Costanzo, costanzo@knology.net– Holy Smokes!– Janet’s great, great, great grandmother is a witch… a real one who is determined to steal Janet’s life and make it her own. With the help of friends and family from both the past and present, Janet fights to reclaim what is rightfully hers.

3rd Place: Marco Orsini, marco@or4sini.com– Gleema– A diva stalks a hustler whose maid is mother to the bastard whose father employs the butler whose client is the diva who can’t live without adoration, controversy and music. It’s that simple!


1st Place: Jon M. Mennella, jonmennella@gmail.com– Parting Gift – When a dying woman opens up to her youngest son on her deathbed, the truths that she leaves behind make him question the whole foundation of his being, and where he fits in a life that seemed his birthright.

2nd Place: Carl Huebner, carl@studiomercenary.com– Celestus–On a fantastic alien world a woman and a strange alien being build a relationship through shared adventures and mutual sacrifice, creating their own definition of family and motherhood.

3rd Place: Benjamin J. Morgan, morganbenjamin@me.com– Jackie & Marilyn–When a NY politico dies leaving his estate to his wife and his mistress, the respective etiquette columnist and soap actress form a modern day odd couple whose lives are entangled in the PR, financial, and emotional mess left in his wake.

November 2011 – April 2012
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Heather Kenihan hzk@aol.com – Chasing Rabbits – A young girl goes in search of her father and winds up in the dark and surreal world of a hippie commune in the 1960s.

2nd Place: Alex Mindt mindt@earthlink.net & Randall Harvey randallharvey@comcast.net – Cowboy – The extraordinary story of a normal looking teenager boy who thinks he’s a monster and how his friendship with a five-legged cow changes everything.

3rd Place: Alastair Collinson alastair@unchartedproductions.co.uk – Evil’s Bane – In present day the existence of demons is accepted worldwide and the public looks to an organization of exorcists for deliverance; Evil's Bane. Thomas is a young and ambitious exorcist with a tragic past, and after he encounters a new kind of demon he begins to question Evil Bane’s credibility, which leads down a path of conspiracy.

Honorable Mention: Irving Metzman scarletbuttafly2@aol.com – Tooth and Claw – While on a book tour for her latest vampire novel, lesbian vampire Marty Carrier bites Estelle (who becomes an obsessive vampires’ victim) and saves topless dancer Dolly (who becomes her sex slave) from a gang of vengeful werewolves, who run a steak restaurant during the day.


1st Place: Praveen Collins Praveen.collins@gmail.com – A Lament of War – World War II. Fighter Ace Rick Bannon has just crashed behind enemy lines in rural Germany. Though the war continues miles away, Rick is caught by a lone Nazi Colonel who plans to use him in his bizarre scheme.

2nd Place: Adamo Barbieri adamo.93@hotmail.com – What Now? – Going through the same problems, only in different situations, this comedic mockumentary series highlights the lives of three friends (Carl, Jacob, and Kevin) who find themselves being pressured into discovering their independency as they all transition into new stages of life. From graduating college, to being kicked out of their parent’s house, to trying to make it in the entertainment industry, Carl, Jacob, and Kevin confront many obstacles while they attempt to direct their lives through adulthood.

3rd Place: Adam Blazak adam@blazakdesign.com – Community, “Principles of Team Dynamics” – An important football game on the Greendale campus forces Troy and Abed to show their school spirit, while the rest of the gang gets wrangled into time-honored college tailgating traditions and tom-fooler

May – October 2011
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Christine Autrand Mitchell Christine@entandemprod.com – The Cullings Principle – When you think you’ve lost everything, you may find destiny… In the heart of Victorian era London, the young attorney, Owen Cullings, searches for his beloved sister, reported dead in a brief letter. Convinced it’s a mistake, his charm and boyish looks allow his search through both high society and the city’s underbelly, as he comes to terms with both. After months of fruitless searching and growing deathly ill, he investigates his final lead, and uncovers what his career hasn’t prepared him for – discovering truths in himself…

2nd Place: Sundae Jahant-Osborn wysiwygprod@compuserve.com – Just Kill Me Already – When a desperate, down-and-out actor crosses paths with a hitman searching for redemption, he drunkenly improvises a grand plan to win the role of a lifetime. But hiring a hitman to eliminate the competition can have deadly consequences…

3rd Place: Jennifer N. Martin jenmartin@surewest.net – A Man of His Word – After vowing to become a man of his word, a country music songwriter’s words become magically imbued with the power to literally come true – he tells his girl to drop dead and she does! – he must master his new way with words to get back everything he’s lost: his girl, her dog, their songwriting success, and his good name. It’s Liar, Liar meets The Secret, with a spin on Country Strong.

Honorable Mention: Doris B. Gill dorisbgill@aol.com – Rembrandt & the Seedlings – An animated classical fairytale: When a young man learns he is not who he thought he was, he goes in search of a new life..


1st Place: Joe Tofuri tofuri@swbell.net – Room 333: the Train – After checking into hotel room 333 a desperate man suffering from a severe psychological disorder battles unknown entities that drive him to the depths of complete insanity.

2nd Place: Neil Valentine navlola@yahoo.co.uk– Accounting – An inmate on death row has a plan to escape the chamber. In a transit cell in another state he explains this to his cell mate. As the plan unfolds however, we and the unsuspecting cell mate realize it will only work on one condition: if the cell mate is murdered!

3rd Place: Desiree Nordlund des.nordlund@yahoo.com – Escape Room Games – A teacher finds herself locked inside an Escape Room Game by a malicious student.

November 2010 – April 2011
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Mark Winzer finsngrins@charter.net– Queen of Vengeance – A peaceful leader, a loving mother…slayer of 70,000. A Celtic queen leads a rebellion against the Roman Empire to avenge her daughters. Based on the life of Boudicca.

2nd Place: Mary Krell-Oishi mkayo26@gmail.com– Secret Asian Man – An aging spy must begrudgingly team up with his younger mentee – and future son-in-law – to save his kidnapped daughter and stop a terrorist plot.

3rd Place: Tracy Grant grant9311@gmail.com– Plastic – The true story of a charismatic drug dealer who enters the world of credit card fraud, where her gift for disguises makes her a powerhouse. As her wealth builds and her mentor becomes her rival, she faces enemies on both sides of the law, all while struggling to keep her family and claim the stability that eluded her as a child.


1st Place: Jason Bickings jbickings@gmail.com– Canvas – A struggling artist visits his dying father to reconnect with the turbulence of his past to find the passion he lost long ago.

2nd Place: Ron Podell rpodell734@comcast.net– Trunk or Treat – Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. A 10-year-old boy seeks solace from his abusive home life by attending a “trunk or treat” event on Halloween. Little does he realize he will face an evil much greater.

3rd Place: Goran Spoljaric goransix@gmail.com– Brainteaser – An obsessive man struggles to make sense of a creepy brainteaser – 8 images that were mysteriously and briefly broadcast during a peak-time TV program.

Honorable Mention: Scott Seagren scottsea87@gmail.com– Indemnity – A man haunted by a life and love he can’t remember struggles to discover who he is, all while trying to maintain his sanity as he journeys through space alone in search of traces of humanity and the answers to his origins.

Honorable Mention: Aaron Deering aarond707@gmail.com– Indemnity – A man haunted by a life and love he can’t remember struggles to discover who he is, all while trying to maintain his sanity as he journeys through space alone in search of traces of humanity and the answers to his origins.

May – October 2010
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Geoff Inverarity geoffinverarity@shaw.ca– Uncanny – How do you let go of the past when the past won't let go of you? Ghost meets Fatal Attraction in a hallucinogenic erotic thriller. UNCANNY is a violent, eerie, deeply disturbing journey into an uncharted psychic reality.

2nd Place: Jonathan Eig & Courtney Froemming rockynrudy@verizon.net & Courtney.froemming@ogilvypr.com– The Hit – A mom wants to send her son to private school, but must kill her ex-husband in order to afford it.

3rd Place: Karl Fink concrefo@aol.com– Ruby Dice – Charlatan Evangelist Ruby Jackson ministers to the weak, the weary, and especially the gullible, hosting revival shows under the same tattered tent, with the same illusions, as her late father, the irrepressible Clint Jackson. Her revival tent scam is suddenly derailed when she actually heals somebody.


1st Place: Dean Watts dean.watts@att.net – Momfia – A hapless father is terrorized by soccer moms when he parks in the drop-off line on the first day of kindergarten.

2nd Place: Donna Lisa donnalisa4kids@aol.com– Mischief Night – A fearless cat, a nervous dog, and a brainy parrot square off against a goblin that sneaks into their house on Mischief Night, the night before Halloween.

3rd Place: Steve Hochman steve_hochman@yahoo.com– Whacked! – Once you wear a gang's colors, there's only one way out.

November 2009 – April 2010
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: K.F.M. Marshall Kelly@marshall-films.com– Which Witch is Which – A dysfunctional family has to stop squabbling long enough to destroy a malevolent witch and her army of goblins.

2nd Place: David Cobbins contactme@davidcobbins.net– This Missing Dead – A hard-boiled cop, determined to deliver her own brand of justice, loses the body of a key witness she murdered. The colossal mistake draws the ire of a shady politician, a career criminal, and a brash detective, all looking to make a name for themselves at her expense.

3rd Place: Jacob Sloman jacobsloman@me.com– Privilege – A naïve, book-smart college freshman becomes entangled in the lives of two boys: one an honors student striving to get by, the other a mega-wealthy spoiled boy, playing at murderous criminal.


1st Place: Tristam A. Thomas tristamthomas28@googlemail.com– Shooting People – LIFE, CAMERA, ACTION!

2nd Place: Christopher Jarvis ccj242@nyu.edu– Culling Hens – The uneducated wife of a ploughman becomes jealous of his attention to a mare.

3rd Place: Barton W. Edson bartedson@yahoo.com– If We Meet Again – A couple on the run from the law must part ways in order to elude a drug dealer out for revenge and a detective determined to solve a town’s murder case.

May – October 2009
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Diane Meyer diane@dianemeyerphoto.com– Traded for Lies – A journalist helps a victim of human trafficking return home.

2nd Place: Alex Simon citylts@aol.com– Baron of Havana – After becoming obsessed with the growing revolution in Cuba and its charismatic leader, Fidel Castro, Errol Flynn, Hollywood actor, convinces the L.A. Herald-Examiner to send him, and photojournalist Paul Davis, to Havana to cover the Revolution in its final days.

3rd Place: Actor Cordell dellacor68@msn.com– Widows Island – A young woman with a “nervous condition” is sent to an experimental mental hospital off the Maine coast where she is treated by an unorthodox doctor.

Honorable Mention: Michelle Davidson madbratcher@yahoo.com– Selling Suburbia – A suburban housewife, facing foreclosure and collection agencies, devises a unseemly plan to maintain her family’s upper-middle class lifestyle, but that plan tears her family apart.


1st Place: Anthony Ingoglia blueman1@optonline.net– Different Worlds Together – A man and woman slowly become engulfed in a dream reality that is real only to them.

2nd Place: Mark Winzer finsngrins@charter.net– Keemo the Archer – A young girl battles her cancer in a post-operative dream and discovers the fortitude to defeat her disease. Hope really can change the future.

3rd Place: Jeffrey Belange go.jeffb.go@gmail.com– Better Living – Two suburban, middle-class neighbors find their lives and relationships completely changed by a recession.

Honorable Mention: Brett Petersen petersbrett@yahoo.com– It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Buys a Robo Chick – The gang sees a remarkably human looking and acting robot on TV and desires it except for its exorbitant price.

November 2008 – April 2009
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Muhammad Ali Hasan mahasan@mac.com– Benazir – The story of Benazir Bhutto, the Prime Minister of Pakistan who brutally murdered rival politicians, manipulated superpower countries, and embezzled billions from foreign investors, all for the sake of helping her people.

2nd Place: Mike Bencivenga imshmenge@aol.com– Running Gun – A promising young man has his brilliant future destroyed when he befriends a troubled teenage runaway. The year is 1877. The troubled teenager is Billy the Kid.

3rd Place: Steven Schoen & James Loos schoens1@comcast.net& jloos@q.com– Dazzle Land – An overwhelmed widower is headed cross-country to leave his children when they are taken by a man who lost his family in a fire. During the pursuit, he learns to be a father.

Honorable Mention: Gregg Greenberg gregg_greenberg@yahoo.com– Friends and Romans – A pair of extras, from classic mafia movies, attempt to prove their acting abilities by staging Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar at a Staten Island theater.


1st Place: Steven Karageanes karageanes@comcast.net– Want – A wealthy broker falls in love with the one woman he can’t have, and hires a hit man to kill her husband.

2nd Place: Adam Perrotta adam.perrotta@gmail.com– The Office: Going Green – Michael becomes environmentally conscious, but finds his employees not so receptive to his plans to make the office “go green”.

3rd Place: Katarzyna Kochany katarzyna_kochany@hotmail.com– Dragon Tales: A Special Job – When Max and Emmy help the dragons deliver a secret box to the School in the Sky, Wheezie’s curiosity makes them lose all the keys to the box. To find the keys the friends have to learn shapes: circles, triangles and squares. This proves to be quite an adventure.

Honorable Mention: Juli Lasselle jclasselle@sbcglobal.net– The Wait of Our Discontent – A Father waits for days, seasons, and years for his son to return from war.

May – October 2008
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Deana Costner – Kissin’ Kuzins – To the heir who claims possession first goes the land. Perky Margaret moves in while persistent James visits the lawyer only to discover they must “share and share” alike the land, home and bed until the Judge rides through in six weeks.

2nd Place: Ben Krapf – The Line – An Iraq War veteran returns home and struggles to find peace within himself while fighting to save his family from a violent gang.

3rd Place: Jane Rosen – Alice – ‘Working Girl’ meets ‘Big Fish’ in Wonderland. ALICE is skyrocketing to the top of the advertising biz when she hits her head on the glass ceiling and falls down the rabbit hole. Will she find Wonderland?


1st Place: Barry Kelly – Rocket Surgery – Two men lie abandoned in an eerie hospital ward and through fractured, comic exchanges examine their lives and ponder their uncertain futures.

2nd Place: Jay Biederman – Celebrititus – Sick of stealing babies from Africa, Madonna adopts Kenny and unleashes a celebrity adoption frenzy on South Park.

3rd Place: Donna Lisa – Toucan You Can – A pair of young Toucans brave Amazon dangers to find a rare and delicious medicinal fruit that will heal their ailing leader.

November 2007 – April 2008
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Craig Rosenthal – The Shanghailanders – This is the story of one man as he journeys almost 5000 miles to Shanghai. But then, ironically, he has to take an even bigger journey from intolerance to acceptance when his daughter falls in love with the culture of Asia and also a young man her.

2nd Place: Alex A. & Rudy J. Croyle – Good Intentions – Grieving the recent loss of her only child, a poor, inner-city woman of faith impulsively abducts a neglected 4-year old.

3rd Place: Caitlin McCarthy – Vera – Adapted historical drama about Vera Laska, a Catholic teen who defied statistics and lasted three years as a Czech Resistance fighter (instead of the average six months); survived Auschwitz as a political prisoner, and escaped the Nazis during a death march.

Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Johnston – Amor? Amor! Amor – In a small magical village not long ago lives a rich and powerful Latin father who adores his three beautiful daughters so much he believes no man is good enough to marry them – and he plans on proving it. He announces a competition for all worthy suitors to come forward and compete for his daughters.

Honorable Mention: Christopher Little & Elizabeth Berger – Target 26 – Two estranged brothers investigate their recently deceased father’s conspiracy theories with the hopes of discovering who he really was.


1st Place: Andrew Ferguson – The Office: The Morning After – Michael and Jan have an “accident” while having sex. Michael sees this as a sign… Jan does not. As Michael tries to convince Jan to have a baby the office becomes convinced that Pam is the one who is pregnant. To further complicate things, an overheard conversation between Jim and his mother over a puppy convince the rest of the office that Jim is being unsupportive of Pam’s pregnancy.

2nd Place: Frederick Weller – Tommy and the Beast – Tommy’s father sends him to buy ‘special nausea medicine’ for Tommy’s mother, a cancer patient, from the local drug-dealer: a frightening Viet Nam vet and amputee. Tommy’s father cannot accomplish the errand himself because he has ‘history’ with the war vet. Tommy will not discover the full nature of this ‘history’ until the end of his visit to the war vet, whose first words to Tommy are: ‘I went to Viet Nam because of your dad.’

3rd Place: Elizabeth Hamlett – Please Shred – We all hate our jobs, have disdain for our bosses, and drown in mundane tasks. Today Mary-Jane does something about it.

Honorable Mention: Brian Wright – Regret – A dying man’s prayer is granted in a very unusual way.

May – October 2007
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Phil Ferriere – Silent Killer – Trust is dangerous. It can get you killed. It might also be the only thing that makes life worth living. Tensions run high in this medical thriller about a female veterinarian investigating a Mad Cow Disease cover-up at a highly profitable ranch in Texas.

2nd Place: Kevin Kalmes – Vengeance – Pam Driscoll witnesses her 16-year old daughter brutally raped and murdered in a psychic vision.

3rd Place: Paul McComas – Unplugged – On the verge of stardom, troubled 27-year old rocker Dayna Clay forfeits her career and retreats into the South Dakota Badlands, where a growing connection with nature begins to heal the wounds of an abusive childhood. While laboring to choose between two lives, she finds herself stranded – and her life imperiled – in the self-same wilderness she has come to love.

Honorable Mention: Colin Costello – Bridezilla Vs. Deer – A 29-year old Manhattan ad woman, obsesses with weddings since before she could walk, has her perfect outdoor ceremony destroyed by the intrusion of a runaway deer that absconds with her wedding band.

Honorable Mention: Frank Brady – Sweeps – A beautiful computer programmer rigs a $10-million magazine sweepstakes, planning to marry the “Average Joe” winner beforehand, get a quickie divorce, and pocket $5 million.


1st Place: Kimberly Coleman – Kiyala – A young Iraqi electronics student must protect her family and bring vengeance to the Jihadists who martyred her father.

2nd Place: Leo Vasilevskiy – My Epiphany Closet – Armed with a newfound confidence after a spell at a psychological internship, J. D. tackles his daily workload with a resolution to eschew his mentor, Dr. Cox, and his advice.

3rd Place: Greg Gibson – Gus and Chloe – the most dangerous killer in the world meets his match.

Honorable Mention: Anthony Amenta – Dial H for Happiness – The unhappy four-year old daughter of well-heeled parents, who squabble too often and drink too much, finds escape from loneliness and sadness in frequent and delightful conversations on a toy telephone with her imaginary friend. Their happy talks have unexpected consequences for the entire family.

Honorable Mention: John Uth – Down the Shore – When Marvin, a dying Altzheimer’s victim, meets an unusual child he discovers it is never too late to change the lives of those around him.

November 2006 – April 2007
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Jonathan Harnisch – Freak – Student with Tourette Syndrome overcomes his inner demons with help from a few improbable relationships.

2nd Place: Eric Biskamp – Peace 101 – A troubled, caustic radio peace personality saves hundreds at a terrorist attack, and having escaped unknown, fights to keep his violent act a secret so he can continue his airwave war against the impending preemptive strike that has his soldier sister at its spearhead.

3rd Place: Christopher Schultz – Fingers – A black jazz musician, wrongfully accused of killing a white woman in 1928 Louisiana, pursues his dream of success.

Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Frazier – Best of the Second Raters – Based on the life of Warren G. Harding: rumored to be first African American United States president.


1st Place: Greg Rebman – Burt’s Used Cars – A used car salesman who has lost the will to sell.

2nd Place: Mara Lesemann – Getting In – Saint Peter wants to take a vacation, but first must find another to cover for him and decide the fate of a newly-deceased couple.

3rd Place: Adam Moser – T.G.I.M. – Thank God It’s Michael – It’s Michaels birthday again, and that means one thing: Presents! But, when the office doesn’t get him anything it’s up to Dwight to step up and save the special day for his boss. Meanwhile, when Pam brings a date to the party, Jim’s jealousy has him contemplating career moves.

Honorable Mention: Christopher Hlas – Lo Scrittore – A troubled young man from Iowa travels to Italy to meet his estranged grandfather – and learn a new perspective.

May – October 2006
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Anita Skibski – Mine – A wealthy coalmine owner spirals into dangerous obsession over the wife of his best employee in small town, 1950s Kentucky.

2nd Place: Bruce Dundore – Bye Bye Moon – Nathan wrote the world’s best children’s book 20-years ago – and hasn’t written anything since.

3rd Place: Rebecca Fulgoney – Strange Meeting – Two British WWI deserters in France happen upon a run-down mansion occupied by an Englishman and his French wife.


1st Place: Diana Kempt-Jones – Urchin – A lonely war veteran and a mysterious little boy explore the nature of miracles.

2nd Place: Carrie Certa – Maggie – Maggie must conquer her fears and deal with the consequences of her and her husband’s actions.

3rd Place: Robert Heske – Her First Day Alone – A postpartum mother suffers through a series of psychotic hallucinations after her daughter leaves her for her first day of daycare.

November 2005 – April 2006
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Danny Howell – Visions – A Teenager has visions of classmate’s murder by an unseen killer. When the visions come true she suspects her father.

2nd Place: Robyn L. Jackson – The Church – Sister Michael Grimm tries to drive Jessica out of town to keep Jessica from learning the terrifying secret behind the town’s bliss.

3rd Place: James T. Frazier – Blue Ground – After long-frozen plesiosaur eggs hatch in a remote Canadian lake, three teenagers stand between the monster and a new-age dinosaur(s).


1st Place: Amardeep Singh Kaleka – Arrow to the Moon – A young Cherokee girl goes through a rite of passage only to find herself becoming the new chief.

2nd Place: Alan R. Baxter – Alone in a Crowd – A teenage boy struggles with his autism as he tries to survive high school life.

3rd Place: David J. Holstein – Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to Prom – Logline not provided.

May – October 2005
Contest Winner Logline


1st Place: Jeff Seeman – In Your Dreams – Two people fall in love via shared dreams, but a pending disaster forces them to find out if there are real-life counterparts to those dreams.

2nd Place: Jason Nunes – Business Men – Competing morticians force one family business into selling body parts as a means of staying viable.

3rd Place: Don Rosenblit – Rod Weiler: Private Eye Dog in PLAY DEAD – Private Eye dog meets femme fatale and gets dragged into the world of moviemaking, government mob collusion and a perplexing murder mystery.


1st Place: Jasmin B. Tekiner – Picture Day – Young girl with severe cleft lip attends school on yearbook picture day.

2nd Place: Robert Collie – A Date with Death – When the Grim Reaper shows up on the night of his big date, a man buys time by turning the evening into a double date with his girl’s sister.

3rd Place: Dru E. Vratil – Dog Dreams – Logline not provided.

November 2004 – April 2005
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: Laura Grabowski – Dating Santa’s Daughter – A mere mortal must prove his love for Santa’s daughter, thereby, transforming her powers.

2nd Place: David & Richard Farmer – Stingers – A freelance cameraman, who sells video of news stories to TV stations, finds himself pursued by a mysterious killer.

3rd Place: Jean Hunter – Lady Jazz – “L.A. Confidential” meets “The Cotton Club” when a 1940s jazz singer goes on the run after becoming involved in the murder of a black LAPD Homicide Detective’s twin brother.


1st Place: Herbert Higginbotham – Fifteen Miles – A mysterious woman shakes up the dilapidated life of a man, his father and his son.

2nd Place: James Tuverson – Hours before Dawn – A friend holds another hostage while planning to devastate his school.

3rd Place: Parker Brisco – Folklore – Looking at the face of the beast, appearances are not what them seem.

May – October 2004
Contest Winner Logline


1st Place: Vaughan Risher & David Tish – Riders of the Strike – In order to get his brother out of hock, carefree rancher turned adventurer, Wayne Maynard, lets the creditors in on a secret… he’s discovered gold in California. Their cross-country trek sets in motion the greatest treasure hunt the world has ever seen.

2nd Place: David Gittlin – Love Will Find You – Bicycle messenger crosses paths with attorney looking for true love.

3rd Place: Timothy McGivney – Good, Clean Fun – Terror awaits a group of teenagers on an isolated estate.


1st Place: Ian Day – Visibility Zero – Man tracts ex-wife and encounters his own destiny.

2nd Place: Matt Dallmann – Everybody Loves Raymond: Control Me – Ray makes a move on his sister-in-law, Amy, after having issues in bed with his wife, Debra.

3rd Place: Mar Wasserman – Commute – One man’s journey through hell takes him from Orange County to Los Angeles along the 5 Freeway during his daily commute and ritualistic behavior in an attempt to find himself.

November 2003 – April 2004
Contest Winner Loglines


1st Place: John G. Culton – The Jewel of Africa – Rich and famous New Yorkers are invited on a dream vacation, hosted by Metro Manhattan Bank, a safari to Zambezia, “The Jewel of Africa.” The dream safari becomes a nightmare.

2nd Place: Maya Christobel – A Necessary Betrayal – A woman, wedded to the church and her pedophile priest husband, risks everything for her freedom and the love of a mysterious stranger.

3rd Place: Pablo F. Proenza – Black Hat – Set in the aftermath of the dot-com market crash, Luis, a brilliant Mexican-American computer programmer, who has lost all of his money, wants to do something noble – bring technology to rural Latin America. There is, however, something unnerving about the investors for his new company. Luis is set up to take the fall for the crime of the century.


1st Place: Randi A. Barnes – Date-by-Number – When people are marked at birth with an identifying number it’s easy to find a perfect match – so why is it so hard for this one lonely guy to find his soul-mate?

2nd Place: Pamela Turner – Cemetery – Elisabeth wants to say good-bye to her sister and parents, who were killed ten years ago in a car accident, but she’s afraid of cemeteries. Can the mysterious Karla help her overcome her fear?

3rd Place: Peter Phelan – The Simpsons: Homie Makes the World Go ‘Round – Homer receives a small financial windfall and gets a reputation for having the Midas touch. He promptly sets up shop as Springfield’s answer to Suze Orman. His fuzzy math soon sends the town into a tailspin and all are out for Simpson blood.

May – October 2003
Contest Winner Logline


1st Place: George M. Ferris – The Aviator – Field of Dreams set in the early days of aviation. A barnstorming mail pilot faces his past and the perils of a trans-Pacific air race as he risks everything for the respect of a teenage boy.

2nd Place: Dennis Johnson & Mark Stouffer – Tiger, Tiger – A captured B-29 pilot is forced to make a new life for himself as a prisoner of the Soviet Union.

3rd Place: Erna Mueller – It’s a Dog’s Life – Cop dies and returns as a police dog on a special mission to help a young boy love again.


1st Place: Scott A. McConnell – Confess – Young dutiful priest finds a way to expose the menacing conduct of his supervisor.

2nd Place: Steve N. Cooper – Grey Linen – Man becomes caught up in his own con job and related murder.

3rd Place: Beth Ann Galiardi – Lucy Makes Room – A little boy helps a grown woman shed her self- pity.